Police respect whites more than blacks during traffic stops, language analysis finds

Police show more respect to whites than blacks during traffic stops, according to a computer analysis of conversations recorded by police body cameras in Oakland, California. Videotape footage of police exchanges with people of color has quickly become a mainstay of public — and often viral — stories about law enforcement practices in the U.S....

As musicians rediscover synthesizers, this 16-year-old makes her own

Mack Bartsch doesn’t just make electronic music: the 16-year-old DJ also makes electronic instruments. Bartsch, who goes by the stage name spaceprodigi, recently constructed a synthesizer as part of an engineering class at Moogfest, a technology and music festival in Durham, North Carolina. She owns five synthesizers in total, two of which she built...

The lionfish zapper hits the open seas

The America’s Cup sailing race kicked off this week in Bermuda, but a month ago, a different type of competition was held in the island’s lucid waters. It was a contest that pitted chef against chef and robot against beast. Last August, NewsHour reported on a robot being developed to stop lionfish, an invasive species...

How Mother Nature and a Pentagon mathematician created the world’s largest instrument

Deep inside Virginia’s Luray Caverns, a song rises above the steady drip-drip-drip of water echoing upon limestone. The tune emanates not from an cellphone ignored by a visiting tourist, but from an acoustical oddity: the Great Stalacpipe Organ. Technically, this stalacpipe organ is not an organ at all, but a percussion instrument known as a...

Even moderate drinking may expedite brain decline

Imbibing just a handful of beers a week is associated with long-term changes to a person’s brain, a new study finds — although the functional meaning of these changes is unclear. Why it matters: While it’s widely accepted that drinking too much is bad for you, conventional wisdom — and the government’s dietary guidelines — says...

Why more dust storms and Valley fever are blanketing the Southwest

Giant dust storms are sweeping the southwestern United States more frequently. Why? Rising sea temperatures, according to a study published in the journal of Geophysical Research Letters. The study also links the rise in dust storms with an 800 percent increase in cases of Valley fever, a rare fungal lung infection. This cascade of events “could...


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